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How to Silence the Bike Brakes Rubbing

Brake pads are considered as the consumable component of your bike and you have to keep it in the good condition.

Got brake rub? Bike brake pads rubbing can give irritating noises, slow down a fast ride and incomplete wear to both rotor and pads as well as rim quickly. The major reason for rubbing brakes is bad caliper alignment. You have to do something quickly to sort out.  Due to the effective stopping power, disc brakes became widely used for mountain biking

If one pad is closer to the rim or one is rubbing, you have to center the brake. While riding, the disc brakes need adjustment. While riding, the rotor doesn’t rub against the pads. So, you have to fix bike brakes rubbing, and then you can ride in a safe car-free area.

Silence the Bike Brakes Rubbing

Steps for fixing the Rubbing brakes

Step 1: Remove and clean

By loosening the two bolts, remove the rubbing caliper from the frame and clean it thoroughly.

Step 2: Replace and Adjust

After that, fold an ordinary business card in half and skid it inside the caliper. Then, twist and push the caliper over the rotor. In this case, the business card is in between the brake pads or rotor on both sides.

Keep the caliper on the rotor and then turn the wheel. Assemble the calipers to the bolt holes in the frame. Screw the bolts like clockwise direction with the ordinary business card slip until it placed inside the caliper.

bike brakes rubbing

While tightening the brake caliper bolts, you have to compress the brake lever and keep it compressed. Are you working on the rear brake? While you holding the brake on, you might not be able to reach the bolts. So you have to keep it squeezed with the help of your friends or wrap something over the brake layer.

Then the caliper will be tightened and it is back on the frame. Now, you can turn the wheel when holding onto the edge of the business card. The card will spin with the rotor and emerged. If once the card is out, your brakes work again with no more rubbing. You may continue these steps for fixing your bike brakes rubbing problems.

Now you fixed the bike brakes rubbing that will bring your bike up to speed and brake hard. Now it will be ready to ride.

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