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What to Look for Before Choosing the Mountain Bike Lights

Bike lights can be used to deliver the brighter illumination for your riding safety. Opt for the best headlights for your bike can be a daunting task. Without investing your time, it can difficult to find exactly what you need in bike lighting technology. Here some tips for choosing the best one.

Types of Headlights

There are various types of mountain bike headlights that have a bunch of different purposes. A well-lit bike is designed with front, side and rear lighting that will ensure that your visibility to pedestrians and motorists.

  • The high Output Lighting system

Usually, it is the rechargeable light system that provides you with maximum illumination. This light is much expensive but it is brighter than safety lights. With the lighting systems, people can see where they are trekking on the trail as well as see the road conditions.

  • Front, side and rear safety lights

These lights will help you to see in dim light conditions. During the daytime, the brightest lights help you to enhance your visibility.

Mountain Bike Lights

Compare the light Performance

After choosing the lights for your mountain bike, you have to compare the light performance among the others. Ensure that the lights are sealed with waterproof gaskets.


The other important thing is power. While before buying bike lights, you need to make sure that the lumen counts based on LED power and battery charge in good conditions as well. The lumen counts are the standard measurement of brightness. Ensure that there are no heat issues or circuitry problems that will reduce efficiency.

Beam Type:

Choose the narrow spot beam, for straight and fast riding or mtb helmet purpose. On the other hand, the wider beam for slower riding that will be quite expensive. If you want to ride tricky trails, your best option is cheaper bar light and headlight that might offer you with the overall illumination compare to an expensive light.

mountain bike headlights

Battery Life

Pick the battery that gives enough run time to survive with your longest trekking. So, you have to choose the longer battery life that has the ability to run full power. So, you no need to worry about getting stuck in the dark.

Other considerations include

  • Bar and helmet mounting options
  • Lamp body
  • LEDs
  • Optics
  • Mount or bracket
  • Leads
  • Switch Gear
  • Charger

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to choose the right light for mountain biking that will match all your trekking needs.

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